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Cleaning technology

What is the difference between Hydro Mechanical Cleaning (HMC) and Pigging?
That is question we are facing every day. This document will easily demonstrate the differences comparing Price, Quality and Costs.

The following case study will demonstrate the efficiency of HMC (Hydro Mechanical Cleaning) using RCT (Reinhart Cleaning Technology).

Mid-2010 RHC SA was contacted by a client in order to clean a heavy waxed 16’’ crude oil transport line in the south of the UK.
The client informed that he had “difficulty” to remove all the wax.
The transport line was formerly cleaned in 2002 by using pigs.
The MFL inspection tool was recovered with teared off sensors due to the huge amount of wax.
No data of pipeline was recorded.
The first RHC SA cleaning campaign took place early 2011, the second cleaning campaign was performed mid-2015.

In this paper, presented at the OPT Conference & Exhibition in 2006 in Amsterdam, Jon Hawes exposed his study about the removal of pipeline scale of the "Dunbar to Alywn Export Pipeline".
The 22km long 16'' Pipe-in-Pipe pipeline, located to the east of the Shetland Islands, presented a very fast scale deposition after only 3 years of exploitation.
The RHC SA Hydro-Mechanical cleaning solution was selected over many other cleaning methods (Conventional Scraper Pigging, HP Water Jetting, Chemical Cleaning, etc).
The cleaning was a success and a good example to illustrate the information presented in the RHC info paper - HMC vs Pigging paper.