The first RCT (Reinhart Cleaning Tool) was built in order to free a pipeline from built up scale. 

Back in time in 1952 RHC (Reinhart Hydrocleaning SA) successfully cleaned a water pipeline for a fire department which marked the beginning of our company. Built up scale is a problem every pipeline has to face, whether the pipeline is made of steel or plastic. 

Once the first layer of scale is attached to the pipe wall, the scale can increase dramatically depending on fluid, flow rate, chemical reaction of the fluids brought together, etc.

The result of not cleaning and maintaining pipelines leads to loss of pressure, loss of flow rate and in the end of blocking the whole system. 

Since 1952 we continuously improved our technology which now allows us to scrape off scale from water-, brine-, barium chloride-, industrial waste-, slurry pipelines, etc.

Besides scraping off scale it is also possible to free pipelines from japanese black or epoxy coatings. 

Having a pipeline free from scale allows a proper ILI (In Line Inspection) to verify that the pipeline is free of corrosion, cracks or other damages