Reinhart Hydrocleaning SA is specialized providing the service of pipe cleaning operations.

With the gained experience from the last 60 years, the cleaning abilities and structures of each cleaning tool are adjusted to the special parameters of each pipeline.

The whole RHC development now gives us the option to execute pipeline cleaning operations of an ID 42 mm to 1600 mm and a range of 450 km (in one run).

Based on all the experience in the past every cleaning tool is a prototype.

The reason for this is simple: Every line has its own conditions for which our cleaning tools are designed and fabricated to get the best cleaning result. That makes every RHC cleaning tool unique.

Circumstances like flow, kind of debris, ID variations, different bends in the line etc. show us on every new cleaning operation that it is impossible to standardize RHC cleaning tools.

The Reinhart Cleaning Technology (RCT) starts when „standard“ tools are on their limit. Our cleaning tools are customer orientated, designed and fabricated to solve the problem and achieve the best pipeline cleaning.

The Reinhart Flexibility is one of the reasons clients all over the world contact us in order to solve their problem.

We offer the following pipe cleaning services:

In the end, it is clients’ decision which of the above mentioned services would be the right one for the specific pipeline.

The varieties of RHC techniques depend on flow, kind and amount of deposits in the pipeline. The most occurring pipelines to be cleaned are: cleaning of oil pipelines

Other applications:

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